Fiber composites combine advantageous properties of steel, aluminum, wood and plastics. This feature allows for troubleshooting in the industrial sector, for example, in machine and apparatus, textile industry, automotive, electrical, transportation, medical technology, in environmental and energy technology, building facades. Moreover, many applications opened up by supporting structures in corrosive infrastructure of railway, environmental protection and disposal, in civil engineering.
Applications arise wherever e.g. electrical or thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, light weight, yet high strength, easy handling, low maintenance and long service life are required.


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Our focus in the product segment composites are one hand pultruded (pultruded) profiles for industrial areas polyester and epoxy resins with reinforcing glass fiber or carbon fiber and / Carbon, partly from our own production. Leading the way in the production of semifinished and finished products, we provide a wide variety of components according to customer specifications ago, incl. Mechanical machining. With construction profiles and a variety of cover systems with grates, planks, boards u.s.w. we represent in Switzerland's leading producers FIBERLINE COMPOSITES from Denmark. We plan to edit and assemble it constructed GRP structures.