Our company thrives
We are an independent production company in the field of contract manufacturing, composites, special machinery, and operation maintenance.
We are a lean, flexible and fully aligned to customer needs company.
We provide daily top performance and improve it continuously. This secures our future.
Our motto: "We want that the customer comes back and not the product".

The customers are our partners
Satisfied costumers are active references, win a customer and keep him is our most important task.
A customer-friendly thinking and acting is very important. We go to the customer needs and offer comprehensive advice, an optimal price / performance ratio and operate reliably and on schedule.

Our employees are our base
Motivated, committed and qualified staff, with great responsibility and high quality consciousness, form the valuable basis of our successful company.
Our team contributes with his work quality significantly to achieving the objectives set. In hectic times, we always friendly.

Suppliers are competent
Our suppliers are competent partners. We provide them the same high standards as ourselves.

Organization and infrastructure are forward looking
We have an organization and a working environment which motivates. The infrastructure is modern and practical. The occupational safety and health have a high priority.

Our environment is important to us
With our actions we are always worry about our environment.